4 March 2020 – The Hague

LUMC and TNO will organize the Third Annual Conference ‘Lifestyle as Medicine’
Person empowered lifestyle medicine on 4th of March 2020,
at Beeld en Geluid. Zeestraat 82, 2518 AD Den Haag

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Based on the vast belief that our present healthcare system is systematically underutilizing lifestyle based treatment for specific chronic diseases, TNO and the LUMC, together with many partners, have started the Netherlands Innovation Center for Lifestyle Medicine (Lifestyle4Health). Lifestyle4Health wants to drive a system change towards the application of lifestyle medicine as part of standard treatment of noncommunicable diseases. The mission of Lifestyle4Health is to apply lifestyle medicine to massively decrease the burden of common chronic conditions, like Type 2 Diabetes, Pulmonary and Cardiovascular diseases.

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4th of March, 3rd Lifestyle4Health Conference at Beeld en Geluid Den Haag

The 3rd Conference

After successful 1st and 2nd annual conferences on lifestyle medicine focused on disease remission, this 3rd conference takes an empowerment approach to lifestyle support. This implies that all contributions demonstrate a person-centered, collaborative approach to lifestyle medicine, that helps people with a chronic disease to determine and develop their capacity to be responsible for their own life and health. An excellent line-up of (inter)national invited faculty will showcase innovative viewpoints, approaches and call to action for Person empowered lifestyle medicine, in which each patient feels enabled and adequately supported to take the lead in his/her own health. Speakers will be (former)patients and their spouses, health professionals, researchers and entrepreneurs.

Accreditation will be applied for at: ABAN

Best regards,
Pepijn van Empelen (TNO), Jessica Kiefte (LUMC), Niels Chavannes (LUMC), Frieda van der Jagt (Diabetes Fonds), Hanneke Molema en Marjan van Erk (Lifestyle4Health program office)

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Registration and coffee


Welcome and opening Chairman Piet-Hein Peeters and Side kick Angela de Rooij-Peek

Part 1: My Context

Humans, behaviour and health in a changing environment – Prof. dr. Semiha Denktaş, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Reversing diabetes in shift work – Hinke Anja Werkman, Zorg van Zaak




4 short presentations of experience from societal implementation:
• The National Diabetes Challenge: how does it anticipate on common barriers to physical activity behavior among people with type 2 diabetes? – Hanna Regeer, LUMC
• SLIMMER: a smart and effective way to prevent diabetes – Dr. Annemien Haveman-Nies, Wageningen University & Research
• Herstelcirkel in de wijk – Henk Schers MD PhD, Stichting Herstelcirkel in de Wijk
• Keer Diabetes2 Om | Reverse Diabetes2 Now – Martijn van Beek


Panel discussion


Lunch & information plaza


Part 2: My data

How to include lifestyle in treatment of patients with kidney disease – Prof. Gerjan Navis, UMCG
Changing Health – delivering digital weight management and type 2 diabetes services at scale – Prof. Mike Trennel, Changing Health ltd.
eHealth4All, unlocking the eHealth potential for people with poor health literacy – Robbert F.M. van Bokhoven MA, Pharos
Precision medicine in primary care: How close are we? – Dr. Dennis Mook, LUMC




Part 3: My Biology

Personalized Nutrition for Prediabetes by Prediction of Glycemic Responses – Orly Ben-Yacov RD, Weizmann institute (Israel)
Smart Fat: the surprising science behind the body’s most misunderstood organ – Prof. Dr. Liesbeth van Rossum, Erasmus UMC
Diabetes-2-subtyping: a useful tool in personalizing diabetes treatment? – Anne-margreeth Krijger-Dijkema, Academic Pharmacy Stevenshof and SIR institute for Pharmacy Practice and Policy Leiden
Obesity and metabolic syndrome, the 21st Century disease. The imperfection of the Surgical fix and healthcare redesign – Kees van Laarhoven RadboudUMC


Discussion and closure – Rens Vandeberg Diabetes Fonds