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Mike Trenell


Mike Trenell is Chairman & Founder of Changing Health ltd.. Mike is leading a team at Changing Health who is delivering digital weight management and type 2 diabetes services at scale for the NHS. Changing health has also started a pilot in the Netherlands. Mike has a specialist interest in lifestyle medicine and innovation. A clinical scientist by training, he has worked significantly on how lifestyle influences lifelong health and wellbeing and chronic disease, particularly diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dementia and stroke. Mike is also director of the NIHR Innovation Observatory. His NIHR funded research has been focused on digital health and self-care where he has worked with several industrial and academic partners in the US and Europe.

Digital health - hype or hope?

Digital tools have transformed many parts of our lives, from how we socialise to how we bank. Yet, how we access and use healthcare remains strikingly similar to 20years ago. The aim of this talk is to talk about the potential for digital health and introducing the three chasms which are needed to deliver behaviour change at scale.


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