Hinke Anja Werkman

Hinke Anja Werkman


Hinke Anja Werkman is a company doctor who wants to be an expert and stimulating advisor for (sick) employees and for the organization in which they work; positioning in the dynamics of a company or organization. In her advice Hinke Anja strives for clear and sustainable solutions, She likes to seek collaboration with other experts and, if desired, tries to come to an appropriate organizational advice. Her goal is: make work healthy and safe together. Hinke Anja’s professional experience and background lies in various companies and sectors, such as: Industry (Tata Steel and Food industry), Forestry, Fisheries and Agriculture, Railways and Traffic, ICT and Facility. Before working as a company doctor, she did research into emergency care for severe trauma victims and decision making in medical practice.

Reversing diabetes in shift work

First experiences with- and impressions of a personalized lifestyle intervention for shiftworkers with Type 2 Diabetes, developed by TNO and implemented in an industrial work company with night shift workers. You will hear how the project started in collaboration with Tata Steel, where employees carry out heavy shift work until their old age. What opportunities and support were offered, who appeared to be supporter of the project and the participants. How did they stay motivated and on track for “the change in lifestyle to reverse diabetes in shift work”. On the basis of a sketch of the developments after the introduction of this lifestyle intervention study and on the basis of interviews with participants and counselors we try to give a lively picture of an intervention on the job.

Ik steun het Manifest voor Leefstijlgeneeskunde en werk en vind dat leefstijlgeneeskunde een plek moet krijgen in de werkcontext