Gerjan Navis


Gerjan Navis is an internist-nephrologist at the UMCG. She is professor of Experimental Nephrology (2000) and holds an endowed chair Nutrition in Medicine (2015). She is chair of the Scientific Board of the Dutch Kidney Foundation and a member of the Dutch Health Council. She works on innovation of lifestyle management in routine care by smart use of objective lifestyle data, thus empowering both patients and professionals and their interaction

How to include lifestyle in treatment of patients with kidney disease

Kidney patients face an extremely high cardiovascular risk, despite intensive medical treatment. Effective lifestyle management is therefore crucial for outcome, but is notoriously difficult. Accordingly, new approaches are needed. Systematic quantitative monitoring of lifestyle parameters – embedded in electronic patient files by a recently developed lifestyle dashboard – is one such strategy, that a) facilitates both patients and caregivers in lifestyle management as part of chronic disease management; b) allows evaluation of population lifestyle data, thus enabling a PDCA approach for lifestyle management in chronic care, as well as calibration of lifestyle targets in current guidelines, where appropriate. Thus, this data-based approach helps to turn the clinical setting into an environment that supports sustained lifestyle management throughout the different stages of disease and treatment, and over the lifetime of the patient. The power of objective lifestyle data obtained during clinical contacts can also be used as a readout for supportive interventions that are currently developed outside the clinical context, by societal partners. Sharing insights, and designing fruitful ways of interaction between within- and outside-care initiatives, will guide the way forward.

Ik steun het Manifest voor Leefstijlgeneeskunde en werk en vind dat leefstijlgeneeskunde een plek moet krijgen in de werkcontext