Podcast #4: from precision nutrition to system nutrition (ENG)

29 juni, 2021
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The theme for the new, and first international, Lifestyle4Health podcast is precision nutrition. A topic on the rise in science and practice that brings about many challenges related to lifestyle medicine, making this episode definitely worth listening to!

This episode features the national and international leading experts on this theme professor José Ordovas (nutrition and genomics expert at Tufts University, Boston), Rens Vandeberg (director of innovation at the Diabetes Fund) and Ben van Ommen (principal scientist system biology, personal nutrition and lifestyle medicine at TNO).

From the perspective of lifestyle medicine, researchers, healthcare professionals and entrepreneurs have an increasing need for nutritional science that examines with great precision which nutritional therapy is successful for which person and disease. We see the term ‘precision nutrition’ on the rise. However, research into precision nutrition is an enormous challenge. Our diets, unlike drugs, are complex and varied, and nutritional science has to pull it off with a fraction of the money that is available for pharmacology. There are many challenges ahead.

These challenges in precision nutrition are the central subject in this new and relevant podcast. We take as starting point the question: precision nutrition, what is it and what is it not? In this podcast, our guests discuss the meaning of the term precision nutrition means, the potential of personalized nutritional advice and how this fits within lifestyle changes that contribute to the prevention and remission of diseases, such as type 2 diabetes. In addition, they discuss why healthcare should have lifestyle medicine as a starting point and what challenges this paradigm shift entails.

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